Zero Breakdowns Program

How to improve the reliability of industrial equipment with TPM methods

About the course

You will participate in a training experience oriented to follow the step by step in each of the methodologies to study and eliminate breakdowns. With real exercises, we will teach you how to take advantage of the available information and how to capture new breakdown information, which is necessary to diagnose equipment problems. You will learn how to use TPM techniques to diagnose causes such as PM methods, why and the logic of the CAPDo cycle.

Specific Objectives

  • Study the logic of the CAPDo cycle for the study and elimination of chronic equipment problems
  • Learn how to eliminate hidden defects, anomalies and small problems that affect the reliability of the process.
  • To know how to identify equipment problems and register them efficiently in the information systems.
  • Practice root cause analysis techniques and make decisions on improvement plans
  • Learn how to use visual management boards for the management of projects to improve the reliability of equipment..
  • Program designed for:

    This is a program for maintenance specialists, process engineers, technicians, workshop managers, continuous improvement facilitators, leaders in the areas of reliability and TPM.

    Length of the programme:

    The program has a duration of 24 hours which must be completed within a period not exceeding two months.

    The program is designed as follows:

    Four units of study online on methods to eliminate anomalies and breakdowns with different degrees of complexity.

    Development of two projects. Each participant must perform two failure studies following the suggested technical guide.

    A senior TPM coach will provide a written feedback report on the studies conducted with recommendations and work guidelines.

    This program begins by studying a classification of the various problems that occur in machinery. For each type of problem, a methodology is presented for its study and elimination. The CAPDo cycle is assumed as the methodological guide for the different strategies of problem elimination.

    The content we develop is as follows:

  • Different types of problems existing in industrial equipment.
  • Five key factors to improve the reliability of industrial equipment.
  • How to identify anomalies, hidden defects and machinery failures.
  • Methodology to efficiently record information on equipment problems
  • Study of strategies to eliminate simple problems existing in industrial equipment.
  • Strategies to eliminate chronic failures through CAPDo projects
  • Introduction to the study of complex failures with the PM method
  • Visual management of CAPDo improvement projects.
  • How to improve skills needed to analyze and eliminate equipment problems. (Improve Katas used in TPM)
  • The registration fee is € 600 per student

    The previous value includes: access to the e-learning units, competence practices, laboratories and feedback report, support documents in PDF, forms in Excel and certificate (PDF).

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