TPM for factory leaders

Organization and management of the TPM

About the course

Personal purposes

  • Develop competencies to organize and lead TPM activities in a factory.
  • Knowing how to organize the teams responsible for implementing the TPM pillars
  • Identify leadership practices that facilitate the development of TPM activities
  • Purposes from the technical point of view

  • Learn how the TPM methodology works to improve reliability and productivity in a factory
  • Knowing how the key TPM pillars work and the strategy for their development
  • Identify the possibilities of the TPM methodology to achieve operational excellence
  • Purposes from the management point of view

  • How to establish the purpose, goals, measures and commitments for the effective development of the TPM.
  • How to align the work plans of the TPM committees, how to monitor and evaluate the progress of the implementation process.
  • Know how to visually manage the TPM process, prepare and conduct effective walks and conversations in the workshop or factory and how to recognize the work of small teams of operators.
  • Program designed for:

    Very useful program for production and maintenance managers, factory leaders and managers who are responsible for human teams in industrial plants

    Length of the programme:

    The training programme is estimated to last 16 hours. It can be completed within two months.

    The program is designed as follows:

    Six units of study online on TPM principles, methodology and TPM management practices.

    Three practices on competencies to lead TPM. Each participant must perform and report following the work guidelines provided.

    Performing a self-audit on the progress of TPM management. A senior TPM coach will return a written report on the evaluation with recommendations and work guidelines.

    This TPM training program for factory leaders has been designed in six units. Three units cover technical content on how to improve overall factory effectiveness and three units cover how to organize, manage and lead TPM processes. The units included in the program are:

    Unit 1.
    Definitions. Evolution of the TPM. Fundamental principles, dynamics of TPM improvement and study of TPM as an integrated system of processes.

    Unit 2.
    How to improve the reliability of production equipment and process productivity.

    Unit 3.
    How to structure and organize the teams that will lead the TPM activities. How to define improvement objectives and how to design the process monitoring system.

    Unit 4.
    Principles and development of the TPM pillars: autonomous maintenance, planned maintenance, focused improvements and education and training. How to organize the work of each pillar.

    Unit 5.
    Study of the six moments to develop a global TPM project.

    Unit 6.
    Analysis of the leadership competencies required for the effective development of TPM in a factory

    The registration fee is € 520 per student

    The previous value includes: access to the e-learning units, competence practices, self-audit and feedback report, support documents in PDF, forms in Excel and certificate (PDF).

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