"TPM for leaders"

How to improve equipment reliability
with TPM methods

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Day-to day Management!

Prepárate en Ingeniería de Calidad y Analítica para la Productividad en industrias y manufactura con nuestros programas presenciales y on line. Domina Minitab y desarrolle proyectos simples y avanzados con este poderoso software. Te formamos como un experto en "Quality Analytics".

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Advanced TPM Training Programs

TPM for factory leaders

We train you as a true change agent and leader
for the advanced development of TPM in your company.

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TPM for Managers

Principles and methodologies to manage and lead the TPM implementation process. Program designed for factory managers

TPM for internal advisors

Training of Coordinators who are responsible for leading and promoting TPM activities in the company.

Autonomous Maintenance

Methodology to implement the first three steps of the pillar according to the JIPM standard..

Zero Breakdowns

Study of the TPM methods used to radically eliminate breakdowns in industrial equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

How to improve the preventive maintenance program, using the six steps of the Preventive Maintenance pillar.

Focus Improvement

Development of technical skills and supervision, necessary to facilitate the process of implementation of the TPM

Presentation of Services

TPM trainers program

Develop your own training solutions

Our training resources allow you to design and execute your own training programs, according to the specific needs of your operational excellence project with TPM. You can select the lessons of interest from our online courses, present them and do an exercise in reflection on the topics presented.

Invest your valuable time, carrying out practices on the concepts studied in a machine or pilot area of ​​your factory. In our TPM platform, you have the digital resources, formats and guides necessary to execute your own training effectively.

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I have had access to the numerous resources provided by Apsoluti. The tutorials are simple, easy to understand, very complete and have enabled me to acquire in a short time, a complete and functional vision of the TPM. With these resources I have prepared a Master Plan and an effective development strategy in the workshops under my responsibility, which were satisfactorily certified by the JIPM.
Erick Marínez (TPM Coordinator)