Focus Improvement

Strategies to improve production efficiency

About the course

Personal purposes

  • Knowing how to organize and lead the Focused Improvement Pillar
  • Identify the core competencies to effectively coordinate a cross-functional team such as the one leading this TPM pillar
  • Acquire the vision of the TPM continuous improvement process to solve numerous technical problems in a factory.
  • Purposes from the technical point of view

  • Practice methodologies to measure losses in an industrial plant and prepare the loss tree.
  • Know the methodology of the pillar to systematically eliminate losses in production processes.
  • Practice effective techniques to eliminate equipment breakdowns and defects, losses due to minor stoppages and time wasted on startups.
  • Purposes from the management point of view

  • Establish the necessary sub-committees to manage the activities of the pillar
  • Design the management system for improvement projects generated in a factory
  • Establish campaigns to promote the principles of continuous improvement and recognition programs.
  • Program designed for:

    This is a program aimed at process engineers, production managers, continuous improvement facilitators, TPM leaders, quality and process control professionals, etc.

    Length of the programme:

    The training programme is estimated to last 24 hours. It can be completed within three months.

    The program is designed as follows:

    Six units of study online on Focus Improvemenet methodology, tools and management practices.

    Three practices on competencies to lead Focus Improvement. Each participant must perform and report following the work guidelines provided.

    Performing a self-audit on the progress of Focus Improvemenet. A senior TPM coach will return a written report on the evaluation with recommendations and work guidelines.

    The focused improvement pillar is an essential axis for developing technical improvement actions with a high economic impact on the company's profit and loss account. The course covers essential methods to achieve these goals. In addition, the units of study present principles of change management and development of continuous improvement habits. The units included in the program are:

    Unit 1. Structure and operation of the FI pillar.
    How to structure the pillar, roles and responsibilities of the participants, how to prepare the master plan for the development of the pillar and design the visual management systems

    Unit 2. Loss Management
    Construction of the loss tree, definition of improvement objectives and management of improvement projects

    Unit 3. Focused improvement techniques
    Study and practice of the Why & Why technique, PM method, CAPDo cycle, analytical failure detection technique (AFD), Poka Yoke method and other techniques..

    Unit 4. Pillar steps focused improvements
    Study of the suggested steps for conducting focused improvement studies.

    Unit 5. Development of a culture of continuous improvement
    Plan to develop a culture of continuous improvement. Training of change agents and leadership skills.

    Unit 6. Progress appraisals and audits
    Audits of improvement projects, evaluation of progress and culture change measures

    The registration fee is € 650 per student

    The previous value includes: access to the e-learning units, competence practices, self-audit and feedback report, support documents in PDF, forms in Excel and certificate (PDF).

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