Education & Training


Traditional training in industries and in general in companies has been concerned with depositing knowledge in employees and little is done to develop effective skills through practice. The lack of these competencies and skills in employees, especially at the operational levels, is one of the significant causes of waste and lack of productivity in industries. For this reason, the education and training pillar has the challenge of modernizing companies' education and training systems.

The education and training model from a TPM point of view is not only concerned with technical learning. The integral development of the person as a human being is one of the significant objectives of this pillar. Strengthening and helping employees to grow facilitates the construction of an operational culture that supports meaningful results.


The education and training pillar of TPM has three purposes: to strengthen technical capacity, to develop operational discipline and to promote responsible autonomy. The starting point for the development of the pillar is to build a team of people who integrate technical expertise, talent management and people development. This team values the possibilities of innovating the training model and is responsible for implementing a new system that improves technical capacity and work habits.

In addition to strengthening the training system, this pillar prepares the training guidelines and promotes the development of internal trainers who will help people grow. The results of the pillar are evaluated not only from the point of view of competence development, but also through the improvements achieved in the results due to the use of new skills and competences of the staff.


This online program is developed in four e-learning units, three application laboratories and one pillar audit. A senior TPM coach will deliver a feedback report with the necessary recommendations on the pillar development plan. Due to the characteristics of this pillar, it is recommended to carry out this program for the team in charge of leading this TPM pillar.

Content of the program

  • Overview of the functioning of the E&E pillar
  • Organization of the E&E pillar team
  • Roles and responsibilities of members
  • E&E Pillar Training Strategy
  • Study of the six steps of the E&E pillar
  • Diagnosis of the starting point
  • Visual management of the E&E pillar
  • Progress audits
  • Relations with other TPM pillars
  • Training Project Management System
  • The six moments of the integral formation model
  • Coaching as a tool for training and developing work habits.
  • The process of training internal TPM trainers.

Course format

The formation of this pillar is carried out exclusively in the in-company format. Prior to the training, we prepare a conversation with your company's managers and design the contents specifically adapted to the characteristics of your company. This program lasts between 12 and 18 hours.

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