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Welcome to Our TPM Master Classes!

Apsoluti is an international supplier of methodology for the effective implantation of the TPM. We design and develop guides to implant the steps and pillars of TPM, very useful for the leaders of factory and TPM coordinators. We follow the guidelines suggested by the Japanese Institute of Maintenance of Plants (JIPM), recent of developments in managerial engineering and practices of generative leadership.


Each of our guides is developed with a balance of the TPM principles, methodologies and tools for action, and management practices used to achieve extraordinary results

A guide is a Master Class on every topic required to implant the pillars of TPM. A set of Excel forms useful for daily work, are provided in each guide.

List of TPM Master Classes
  • TPM Principles

    The TPM is an integrated system of processes and it is necessary to understand the functioning of every process and the form as these they affect the results.

  • Metodology

    To achieve that the benefits of the TPM are sustainable in the time, it is necessary to develop in progressive form the pillar and steps suggested by the JIPM.

  • Useful tools

    To have standards of work for the TPM and formats proved in diverse industries, it facilitates the agile development of the methodology TPM.

  • TPM Management

    Every activity TPM must be planned, organized and led to the persons in charge of the areas of the factory, and these it is required to apply certain practices of management.


The TPM guides supplied by Apsoluti have been very helpful to structure our TPM project clearly. They have helped us to save time and avoid errors. In addition, it has allowed us to reflect on how to adopt the methodology to the characteristics of our industry and the conditions of our Organization.

Dany Horner